elcome to green care clinic, where the science, skill and knowledge meet the passion and dedication.
In Green Care we are offering you the best way to stay healthy and green, we are committed to perfection and innovation.

We invite you to visit Green Care Clinic and experience our all-inclusive team approach to simplifying orthopedic health care for patients and their families.

Green Care Clinic is one of the nation’s premier orthopedic and sports medicine clinic and our exceptionally talented, experienced, and dedicated medical team will take care of all detail concerning your health. We are recognized as a regional specialty center for general orthopedics; sports medicine; arthroscopic surgery; joint repair, replacement and total reconstruction; and surgery for the spine, hands and feet.

Our goal is to assist the patient in gaining their highest level of function and improving their quality of life.  
We recognize that goals can only be achieved in an environment of mutual understanding. We utilize every resource available to assist our patients in the accomplishment of rehabilitation. We remain dedicated to our patients, whose successful rehabilitation depends on our professionalism, talent, and high quality care.